Sunday April 30th – Saturday May 6th 2023

Price: €400,- to €700,- excluding tickets and transportation, depending on your choice of accommodation. EARLY BIRD PRICE deadline January 31st, 2023

We have room for 12 participants

Teachers: Suzie and Suryati.

☀️ We welcome you to our Amazing International Spiritual Yoga Retreat Week in Andalucia.
In between the hills and the outstretched fields on the coast of the Costa de Luz lies a true miracle: “Milagro de Algar”. A beautiful home located in a rural area, where you can recover and enjoy peace, the yoga- and meditation classes and the beach which is just a 20 minute drive away. Your teachers for the week are Suzie and Suryati.

• Master bedroom, a 2 person room with double bed with en suite –
€800,- p.p.

• Small guest room, 2 person room with double bed (shared bathroom) –
€700,- p.p.

• Big guest room, 4 person family room with one double bed and one bunk bed (shared bathroom) –
€600,- p.p.

• Jaima (Moroccan tent) with 4 beds
€575,- p.p.

• Tipi with 2 beds (available when all others have been filled) €575,- p.p.
• You can also bring your own tent or camper €550,- p.p.

We have room for 12 participants, with a minimum of 6 participants.

• Your chosen accommodation from Sunday afternoon April 30th until Saturday afternoon May 6th.
• Full use of all the local facilities and amenities.
• 10 yoga and meditation classes (90min each)
• Brunch, afternoon snack, and dinner.
• Coffee, tea and filtered water.

• Massage
• Tarot readings
• Wine tasting excursion
• Horseback riding excursion

☀️ We offer brunch and dinner, which are served after the yoga classes. Snacks like fruit, sandwiches and cereal are available in the kitchen in the morning and in the afternoon. Please let us know about your intolerances/allergies or other wishes.

The classes will take place outside on the Yoga Platform by the pool or on the roof terrace. In case of rain, the classes will be held in the common area inside.

Yoga mats, blocks, belts and blankets are provided.

☀️ For more information and reservation, please call or message:
• Suzie Heijari (CY/FL) +90 533 825 1188 susanheijari@gmail.com
• Suryati Sissy (NL/EN) +31655243121 info@suryati.nl
• Milagro de Algar (ES/DE) +34677779994 info@milagrodealgar.es

If you have any questions regarding country related travel regulations, please ask upon your reservation.

Do ask for the EARLY BIRD PRICES by January 31st, 2023.

• Bookings are closed by May 1st!

❤️ Sunday April 30th
14:00 onwards – Arrival and settling in.
20:00 Welcome Dinner

🧡 Monday May 1st
09:00 Morning Vinyasa Flow with Suzie
11:00 Brunch
12:00 – Free time
15:00 Snacks available in the kitchen
16:00 A walk in the area
18:00 Restorative Yin Yoga with Suryati
20:00 Dinner

💛 Tuesday, May 2nd
09:00 Morning Vinyasa Flow with Suzie
11:00 Brunch
12:00 – Free time
16:00 Excursion and Dinner in VEJER – Free time for shopping and sightseeing

💚 Wednesday, May 3rd
09:00 Morning Vinyasa Flow with Suryati
11:00 Brunch
12:00 – free time
13:00 – to the BEACH / Walk and meditation on the beach
18:00 Somatic Yoga with Suzie
20:00 Dinner

💙 Thursday, May 4th
09:00 Ochtend Vinyasa Flow with Suzie
11:00 Brunch
12:00 – free time
13:00 – to the BEACH / Walk and meditation on the beach
18:00 Somatic Yoga with Suzie
20:00 Dinner

💜 Friday, May 5th
09:00 Morning Vinyasa Flow with Suryati
11:00 Brunch
12:00 – Free time
16:00 – Walk in the area
18:00 Restorative Yin Yoga and Sound Bath Relaxation with Suzie and Suryati
20:00 Dinner

❤️ Saturday, May 6th
11:00 Farewell Brunch
14:00 Check out

* Flights from The Netherlands or Germany are best from Eindhoven to Seville (Ryanair) or from Düsseldorf to Jerez de la Frontera (Condor).
* Flights from Finland are best from Helsinki to Malaga ( direct with Norwegian ).
* Flights from Cyprus are best from Larnaka via Gatwick to Seville (easyJet), or Larnaka via LHR to Malaga (British Airways).

* We can collect you from the airport (Jerez / Sevilla / Malaga) for a €50,- fee/ one way per person.
❗ We strongly recommend you to rent a car per group of 3 participants at the airport to be more flexible in your movements during the week.
* For a more detailed navigation description, please consult the website www.milagrodealgar.es

Your reservation is final after the transfer of €250 to IBAN: FI10 5280 0020 0983 07, BIC: OKOYFIHH, name: Susan Heijari, with reference message: Andalucia.
The rest of the fee can be transferred before April 28th 2023 or may be paid in cash upon arrival.

In case of cancellation, your reservation fee can only be returned to you in the case of injury that prevents you from participating at the retreat. In case of deciding not to join the retreat for any reason, you may choose to give your space to another. You will receive your reservation fee when your replacement has paid the full fee.

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Teacher: Suzie Heijari & Suryati Sissy

✨ Suzie is originally from Finland. She is living in Northern Cyprus since about last 14 years. Suzie has been a teacher of movement for most of her life, including dance, pilates and fitness. She has taught Vinyasa yoga since 2013. Suzie enjoys also holding relaxations. Suzie teaches and practices T`ai Chi and Qi Gong, and this can be an extra bonus at the retreat week for the early risers. Suzie loves to read Tarot cards.

Suryati, also a dance teacher originally, met Suzie in 2013, the yoga seed was planted and thus their friendship began. Yoga brought her home, back to her breath, to a connection between body, mind and a memory in her heart that didn’t connect as deeply before. Suryati is spiritual, but not floaty, she likes to create a safe space in her classes, where every individual can be completely themselves, no matter what. Suryati loves being in community and also likes to give massages.


Vinyasa flow is a yoga style that combines Hatha, Ashtanga and Yin yoga poses with the flow of breath. The sun salutation is an essential part of the class and it serves as the basic form from which different variations are created. The class includes arm and leg balances and inversions. The class will shift between dynamic and gentle movements that work your entire body.

Somatic yoga is about your internal experience as much as it is about releasing tightness in your body. Pandiculation technique specific to this style resets your brain to release ”forgotten” tense muscles (which happens when something becomes chronic). The movements that are mixing yoga and pilates techniques are executed slowly and with closed eyes.

Restorative Yin Yoga is one of the less dynamic forms of yoga. In order to affect the deep connective tissues in the body, the yoga poses on the floor are held for 4 – 10 minutes at the time. The transitions between the poses are mindful, slow and relaxed.

The steel drum relaxation is done resting on your back in a comfortable position. The yin yoga poses and the vibration of the Handmade Steel Drum stimulate the circulation of fluids in all bodily organs. The amazing sound of the steel drum has an ability to release great tension in the deeper layers within the body.