About us

We are Rebekka Noest and Bas Blij, a Dutch couple totally in love with Spain, especially Andalusia in the south and in particular the province of Cadiz. This is a province of Andalusia where mass tourism hasn’t gotten a foothold, and much of the traditional southern Spanish life and the untouched beauty of nature there is still preserved. After many summers in Vejer de la Frontera, and after 10 years of running a health center for complementary medicine in the Netherlands (Sarvata), we decided to start a retreat center for yoga and spiritual vacations in this beautiful area.

Rebekka is a psychologist, haptotherapist and energy therapist. She has her own practice, where she specializes in the treatment of trauma, stress related problems and haptotherapy. This is a therapy that emphasizes the importance of contact with your feelings, your body, and with other people, and does this through therapeutic touch and experiential exercises. This with the aim of getting in touch with and understanding your own feelings and patterns, and to develop yourself in this way.

Bas Blij studied physics and worked for ten years in secondary school, after which he chose to become a yoga teacher. After 6 years as a yoga teacher, he dedicated his energy to setting up and managing Sarvata together with Rebekka. After handing over Sarvata to two enthusiastic successors in January 2021, Bas has been able to focus more and more on the creation, from the foundation to the solar panels, of the ‘El Milagro de Algar’ project.