Personal retreat
A personal retreat or 'Intensive' is a way to work on a recurring problem, a persistent complaint or a blockage that you notice in yourself with the help of a program tailored to you and your question. We determine the program together, where your question is the starting point and we focus on your goal, what you want to achieve. We also determine the duration of the retreat together. The location is retreat center Milagro de Algar on the Costa de la luz in Andalusia. In terms of content, the program consists of a unique mix of effective and well-proven therapeutic and well-being-promoting methods and techniques tailored to you. Think, for example, of trauma therapy, yoga, relaxation and breathing techniques, nutritional advice and lifestyle coaching. During a personal retreat we alternate working with such techniques with time for yourself, which you can fill in according to your own insight and needs, for example with walking, lying on the beach, surfing, horseback riding or just lazing by the pool. You have your own room, teepee or tent where you can retreat. In addition to your goal and process, you don't have to focus on anything else; accommodation, meals and everything you need to come to yourself is arranged. In consultation you can opt for a partial silence retreat. If desired, you can link your personal retreat to a yoga retreat, which is organized several times a year at the same location. This by, for example, first following a yoga retreat for a week and then focusing on yourself for a week during a personal retreat.

The personal retreat includes a preliminary and a follow-up process. During the preliminary phase, which takes two to three sessions, we get to know each other, you get the space to clarify your question and we discuss my proposal for a program. If we both agree with the plan of action, we will determine in consultation the duration of and the date on which the retreat will start.

The follow-up process consists of one to three (online or face-to-face) sessions focused on how the personal retreat 'landed' with you. We check whether the intensive has delivered what you hoped for and where this is not the case, we are working on what still stands in the way of achieving your goal. If it turns out that something else is needed (different therapy or steps) then I advise you and help you if you want in the guidance to additional help or the steps to take.

If it appeals to you, are you curious about the possibilities or are you unsure whether this might be something for you, please do not hesitate to contact me. An exploratory (online, telephone or face-to-face) conversation of half an hour is free of charge.

What problems, questions or blockages can you think of a personal retreat?

– if you notice that after a lot or different therapy, 'soul-searching' and through made processes you nevertheless continue to encounter a certain pattern, a deeply hidden old trauma or certain blockage. You know mentally how it is and should be, maybe even what you have to do or let go of to change it, but somehow it always fails or you step back into old pitfalls. And you find that what you've done so far, for example, therapy of "a session once every so many weeks" isn't enough to break this pattern.