At Milagro de Algar we offer the following rental options:

  • The entire location: 8 persons in the house and 3 each in the jaima and tipi (high season: € 250/night, low season: € 200/night)
  • The big guest room: 4 persons (high season: € 80-110/night, low season: € 70-100/night)
  • The small guest room: 2 persons (high season: € 60/night, low season: € 50/night)
  • The wooden cabin: 2 x 1 person (high season: € 50/night, low season: € 40/night)
  • (The jaima (Morrocan tent): 4 persons) (high season: € 30-50/night, low season: € 25-45/night)
  • The tipi: 2 person (high season: € 40-55/night, low season: € 30-45/night)

When we are at home  only guest rooms (and tents) can be rented.

The house consists of a master bedroom with private bathroom, a big and a small guest room with a shared bathroom, a shared kitchen/dining/living room with an adjoining lounge-room. Furthermore there is a roof terrace, as well as multiple patio’s and terraces, a beautiful garden and swimming pool (non-chlorinated)

If you are interested renting: contact us directly or book through Airbnb (Entire location  / Big guest room / Small guest room/ Cabin / Tipi)


View the interior of the house.


And admire the garden.

The master bedroom offers space for 2 persons. It has a floating 2 persons-bed suspended on ropes on which you float in to a sea of dreams.

It has a double bed floating above the ground on ropes on which you float as if in a sea of dreams.

The adjoining luxury bathroom has a bath, a separate shower, a toilet with hand shower, a urinal and a double washbasin.

The room can accommodate more beds is so desired.

The big guest room has room for 4 people and has a double bed and a bunk bed.

The adjacent room is the bathroom (with shower, toilet and washbasin), which is shared with the small guest room, should there be guest staying there.

The small guest room is for 2 people; there is a double bed.

The bathroom (with toilet, shower and washbasin) is next to the small guest room, and is shared with the big guest room, should there be guest staying there.

The guest bathroom is located in between the large and small guest room and has a shower, toilet with hand-held shower and a washbasin.
The bathroom is shared if there are guests in the other guest rooms.

Kitchen / dining / living room: a large room, with a long table in the middle and a fully equipped kitchen at the far end. In this room there are 2 fans and colourful LED lights against the ceiling, which gives a nice ambiance.

Central Toilet: toilet, urinal, washbasin and automatic lighting.

Lounge room overlooking the garden: the perfect place to have a drink, read, or just ‘chill’.



An authentic Moroccan tent with room for four people. You sleep soundly on a mattress surrounded by a colourful interior. Electricity is available. Next to the jaima is an outdoor shower, toilet and kitchenette with hot water.


In this tipi, one or two people can sleep wonderfully on a mattress with a view of the stars. There is electric light inside. Sanitary facilities can be found next to the jaima, where there is an outdoor shower, toilet and kitchenette with hot water.


The base is a pyramid of thick wooden beams and you can feel it. The rest of the construction is made around this pyramide. Inside the cabin are two single rooms. A part of the dividing wall can be taken out to make it a large 2 persons cabin. It’s fitted with electricity. Next to the cabint is an outdoor shower, toilet and kitchenette with hot water

Outside shower / toilet / kitchen:

Having an shower in open air, how free can you be. For the renters of the cabins, tipi and jaima is an outside shower, toilet and kitchen available. Hotwater and electricity is available. Cooking in the house is also possible.

Roof terrace: with stunning views of the surrounding fields, the hill ‘Mesa de Algar’ and even the mountains of Morocco in the distance.

Patio’s, other rooms, garden and the beautiful areas with Vejer de la Frontera, Medina Sidonia and the beaches