Yoga, breath and body awareness retreat April 2025

Friday 25 April – 2 May 2025

Price: 400 – 850 € (price depends on which type of accommodation you choose, flight not included)

We have room for 10 participants

Teachers: Bas Blij (yoga, pranayama) and Rebekka Noest (haptonomy, mindfulness)


The fee includes your chosen accommodation from Friday afternoon 19 July to Friday afternoon 26 July 2024, breakfast, lunch and dinner, water, tea, coffee, 11 classes (yoga, pranayama, meditation, various workshops (mindfulness, breath, body awareness), two excursions and use of all facilities at the location.


Available accommodation: There is a double room, a family room with a double bed and a bunk bed, a jaima (Moroccan tent) with 4 beds and a tipi with 2 beds and a wooden pyramid house with 2 single rooms. You can also bring your own tent or campervan.

Double room: shared by 2: €650/person, single: €850/person
Family room: shared by 4: € 550/person, shared by 3: € 625/person, shared by 2: € 750/person
Jaima: divided by 4: € 400/person, divided by 3: € 450/person, divided by 2: € 500/person
Tipi: divided by 2: € 400/person, single: € 500/person
Wooden pyramid house: single: € 600/person
Tent or motorhome: € 450/person


Food: We offer vegetarian meals: breakfast and lunch and dinner. Lunch can be prepared in the kitchen from 13:00 to 15:00. Please inform us of your intolerances/allergies or other wishes and we will take them into account as much as possible.



Friday 25 April: Arrival and settlement, 18.00 Opening ceremony, 18.30 Yoga&Adem, 19.30 dinner
Saturday 26 April: 08.00 Pranayama, 09.30 breakfast, 18.00 Yoga, 19.30 dinner
Sunday 27 April: 08.00 Yoga, 09.30 breakfast, 18.00 Mindfulness, 19.30 dinner
Monday 28 April: 08.00 Yoga and body awareness, 09.30 breakfast, 15.00 visit to Vejer, 19.30 dinner
Tuesday 29 April: 08.00 Yoga and breathwork, 09.30 breakfast, 18.00 Workshop on Haptonomy and bodywork, 19.30 dinner
Wednesday 30 April: 08.00 Mindful yoga class, 09.30 breakfast, 14.00 visit El Palomar and walk Las Cortinas, 18.00 BBQ
Thursday 1 May: 08.00 Yoga and pranayama, 09.30 breakfast, 18.00 Yoga and bodywork, 19.30 dinner
Friday 2 May: 08.00 Yoga&Adem, closing ceremony, 09.30 breakfast, farewell and journey home


Transport: Flights from the Netherlands are best from Eindhoven to Seville (Ryanair) or Düsseldorf to Jerez de la Frontera (Condor). We can pick you up from the airport (Jerez / Seville / Malaga, we charge for petrol). We recommend renting a car per group of 3 participants at the airport to be more flexible in your movements during the week.


Reservation: your reservation is final after a deposit of €100:
Banc account: NL12TRIO0197995640
Name: JB Blij/RJ Noest


Bas Blij and Rebekka Noest invite you to join the Yoga, breath and body awareness retreat at Milagro de Algar.

During this retreat we will use yoga, various techniques from pranayama and breathwork and body-oriented exercises to get more into our bodies and get in touch with ourselves and any blockages.

There is plenty of free time for relaxation, walking in nature, a massage, lying on the beach or swimming in the sea or our swimming pool.

Teacher: Bas Blij

Bas studied physics, was active in secondary education for 10 years, trained as a yoga teacher from 2005 to 2010 and ran a yoga studio in Nijmegen for 5 years. Together with his partner Rebekka Noest, he set up ‘Sarvata, centre for Health and Wellness’ in 2011, which they handed over to a new couple in 2021. He loves cats, motorcycling, sunshine, good films and music.
Other than that, he is stubborn and won’t be fooled by anything. Always looking for the truth behind the nonsense. And that truth turns out to be sometimes shocking and sometimes very beautiful. More and more information is coming to light that makes it clear to us where we as humanity are heading, namely a society based on a heart-based consciousness.

Teacher: Rebekka Noest

Rebekka Noest is a Psychologist NIP, GZ haptotherapist, Energetic therapist, trainer, EMDR therapist and retreat host.
She has special affinity with yoga, trauma and mindfulness.

Since 1997, besides studying Clinical Psychology at Radboud University in Nijmegen (RU), I have trained and deepened my knowledge in haptotherapy and a variety of alternative and holistic treatment methods. I started my own practice in 2004, after 8 years of working at the GGZ (mental health institution) and at a primary care psychology practice.

Besides working in my practice, I fulfilled a dream in 2010 by founding Sarvata, Centre for Health and Wellbeing in Nijmegen, a centre for complementary medicine. Together with my friend Bas, I ran this centre for 10 years. Now that we have handed over this health centre to two other enthusiastic people, we have our hands free to focus our energy on our other dream, retreat centre Milagro de Algar ( in Andalusia. We offer spiritual holidays, therapy and all kinds of (yoga) retreats there, among other things.

I am a Psychologist NIP (affiliated to the Netherlands Institute of Psychologists (NIP) and GZ-Haptotherapist (affiliated to the VVH), Energetic therapist (chakra and aura therapy, Training The Soul’s Way of Learning, see, Reiki I and II) and EMDR therapist (training with Peter Baldé). In addition to my specialisations of haptotherapy, energetic work and EMDR, I have specialised in trauma, stress and burnout, high sensitivity (HSP), polyvagal therapy, all kinds of bodywork, breath therapy, loss/mourning and meaning, among others. I am currently following the Year Training ‘The Path of Isis, High Priestess Training’ at Ananta in Soest.

Yoga is a form of movement and at the same time awareness and also a philosophy. Through yoga you come closer to yourself, unite your male and female sides, experience your body better and how you are in it.


Breathwork (Pranayama) uses the breath to integrate energy and consciousness into the body. By breathing in different ways, everything happens in your body, consciousness and energy.


Body awareness is ‘being at home in your body’. When you are at home in your body, you feel what affects you emotionally and emotionally, what you like and don’t like and want. You experience your body from the inside. This helps you feel what your body needs and which way you want to go in life. It frees you from your own judgements and limiting visions, allowing you to live life with more resilience and clarity.

Body awareness also includes the ability to understand where our body is in space, how our body moves, what different signals from our body mean to us and what our body looks like to ourselves.

During this retreat, we will work with methods and exercises to increase our body awareness, including yoga, breathing and exercises from haptonomy (the teaching of touch and feel).