Embodiment retreat October 2024

Wednesday 10 – Wednesday 17 Oct 2024

Price: €550 – €1000 (price depends on type of accommodation, flight not included)

We have room for 14 participants

Trainers: Rebekka Noest and Geneviève van Beek


Included in the retreat are the training/workshops/excursions as indicated in de schedule, the accommodation of your choice, breakfast, lunch and dinner, water, tea, coffee, and use of all facilities at the venue. You are welcome from Wednesday afternoon 10 till Wednesday afternoon 17 October 2024. If you want to come earlier or stay longer due to your flight or some other reason, please contact us so we can check availability.

The available accommodations are: a triple room with a double bed and an elivated bed, a family room with a double bed and a bunk bed, a jaima (Moroccan tent) with 4 beds, a tipi with 2 beds, and a wooden hut with 2 single rooms. You can also bring your own tent or campervan.

Depending on the choice of your accommodation you can find the retreatprice listed below:
Triple room: shared by 3: €725/person, shared by 2: €800/person, single: €1000/person
Family room: shared by 4: €700/person, shared by 3: €775/person, shared by 2: €900/person
Jaima: shared by 4: € 550/person, shared by 3: € 600/person, shared by 2: € 650/person
Wooden pyramid house: single: € 750/person
Tent or campervan: € 600/person
The total price is build up of cost for the training/workshops/excursions (€ 450) and the costs of the accommodation, food, beverages and facilities.


Food: We offer vegetarian meals: breakfast and lunch and dinner. Lunch can be prepared in the kitchen from 13:00 to 15:00. Please inform us of your intolerances/allergies or other requirements, and we will take them into account as much as possible.



Wednesday 10 Oct 29: Arrival & landing. Opening ceremony
Thursday 11 Oct: Release & landing in body
Friday 12 Oct: Release. Start of therapeutic work
Saturday 13 Oct: Therapeutic work, release
Sunday 14 Oct: Therapeutic work healing and integration. Start Connecting with higher vibration
Monday 15 Oct: Connecting with higher self. Soul desire
Tuesday 16 Oct: Integration day. Evening: Celebration dinner in Vejer de la Frontera
Wednesday 17 Oct: Closing circle. Departure after lunch.


Transport: Flights from the Netherlands are best from Eindhoven to Seville (Ryanair) or Düsseldorf to Jerez de la Frontera (Condor). We can pick you up from the airport (Jerez / Seville / Malaga, we charge for petrol). We recommend renting a car per group of 3 participants at the airport to be more flexible in your movements during the week.


Reservation: your reservation will be final after transferring a deposit of 100 €.
Bankrekening: NL12TRIO0197995640
Name: JB Blij/RJ Noest


We hope to welcome you to our beautiful finca for this retreat
Greetings from Bas and Rebekka

Teacher: Rebekka Noest

Rebekka Noest is a Psychologist NIP, GZ haptotherapist, Energetic therapist, trainer, EMDR therapist and retreat host.
She has special affinity with yoga, trauma and mindfulness.

Since 1997, besides studying Clinical Psychology at Radboud University in Nijmegen (RU), I have trained and deepened my knowledge in haptotherapy and a variety of alternative and holistic treatment methods. I started my own practice in 2004, after 8 years of working at the GGZ (mental health institution) and at a primary care psychology practice.

Besides working in my practice, I fulfilled a dream in 2010 by founding Sarvata, Centre for Health and Wellbeing in Nijmegen, a centre for complementary medicine. Together with my friend Bas, I ran this centre for 10 years. Now that we have handed over this health centre to two other enthusiastic people, we have our hands free to focus our energy on our other dream, retreat centre Milagro de Algar (www.milagrodealgar.es) in Andalusia. We offer spiritual holidays, therapy and all kinds of (yoga) retreats there, among other things.

I am a Psychologist NIP (affiliated to the Netherlands Institute of Psychologists (NIP) and GZ-Haptotherapist (affiliated to the VVH), Energetic therapist (chakra and aura therapy, Training The Soul’s Way of Learning, see www.leerwegvandeziel.nl, Reiki I and II) and EMDR therapist (training with Peter Baldé). In addition to my specialisations of haptotherapy, energetic work and EMDR, I have specialised in trauma, stress and burnout, high sensitivity (HSP), polyvagal therapy, all kinds of bodywork, breath therapy, loss/mourning and meaning, among others. I am currently following the Year Training ‘The Path of Isis, High Priestess Training’ at Ananta in Soest.


Teacher : Genevieve van Beek

Geneviève van Beek is a Craniosacral therapist & GZ psychologist, trainer, Gurdjieff and tango dancer, DFR practitioner, chair masseuse, and sailing and windsurfing instructor. She also has a special affinity for mindfulness. Based on my passion for dance, connection, awareness and clarity, in recent years I have increasingly immersed myself in the Gurdjieff dances.

In the Gurdjieff dances, I notice that my mind becomes clearer and clearer, I can connect my creative and analytical brain more and more easily, and I may experience the joy of my personal inner and outer movement in connection with the movement of a group.

My interest in recent years has moved into the kommunication field of body and mind. Since I came on the path of craniosacral therapy in 2004 and then got into the Gurdjieff dances in 2009, I have continued to marvel at all the journeys you can make in your body and through your body.

In all the fields I move in, as a craniosacral therapist, as a Gurdjieff and tango dancer, as a GZ psychologist and coach, as a mindfullness therapist, during the practice of tantra and meditation or simply as ‘myself on myself’, my affinity lies in listening to what the body wants to tell me. This ‘body land’ is an infinite source of possible discoveries and is an invitation to playfully, heartfully and gently move with whatever wants to unfold. If you truly accept this invitation only then will the path show itself effortlessly.

As training, I have taken several multi-week courses in the Gurdjieff dances (India), I trained as a craniosacral therapist at the Peirsman Cranio Sacral Academy (Bussum), I have been trained as a DFR practitioner (Cologne), chair masseur (Esoterra) and furthermore, I have been trained as a GZ psychologist, BIG registered (Nijmegen).

“I always marvel at all the journeys you can make in the body, in play and in connection with each other.”

Embodiment: our body as temple and clear channel

Your body as a channel to connect with your higher self, to receive the information of spirit and to have a clear access to that which helps you grow in lightness and light-ness. To be in deeper connection with yourself, with your physical body, your emotional body and your spirit-body.
In this retreat, we first land deeper within ourselves, through yoga, dynamic meditations and dance, among other things, inspired by a beautiful natural setting, the ʻouterʼ nature as a reflection of our inner natural being. We honour our bodies with loving attention through delightful physical (gentle) movement.

Next, we go one layer deeper into the therapeutic part of the retreat: we focus on physical and emotional blockages that are allowed to be cleared, where more lightness is allowed to enter and our bodies are allowed to expand so that we can find and/or deepen our natural state and freedom. To this end, we use ‘body constellations’, therapeutic exercises in pairs or in groups, body work and sharing. There is also support from elements from ancient teachings, such as Gurdjieff movements and hula. This is to invite a harmony in energies that are in our body and connect deeper with our heart. Through this we also connect to our higher and ʻtrue selfʼ, where our soul shows us the way.

In the final part of the retreat, we will further explore and integrate this soul desire into the whole. What does that part in us want, where our deeper longing shows itself, and where we may be receiving information that our brain does not initially see clearly. And how can we integrate this into our daily lives when we go back to ʻhomeʼ?
Or are we already more at home and it unfolds naturally?