Tai Chi Qigong retreat may 2023

Friday 12 –  Thursday 18 may  2023

Price: 400 – 850 € (price depends on type of accommodation, flight not included)

We have room for 10 participants

Teacher: Simone Elschot

The fee includes your chosen accommodation from Friday afternoon 12 May until Friday afternoon 19 May 2023, breakfast, lunch and dinner, water, tea, coffee, 6 Tai Chi Qigong classes, several workshops, use of all the facilities on the location.


Available accommodation: There is a double room, a family room with a double bed and a bunkbed, a jaima (Morrocan tent) with 4 beds and a tipi with 2 beds (and tiny cabin with 2 single rooms). You can also bring your own tent or camper.

  • Double Room: shared by 2: € 650/person, single: € 850/person
  • Family room: shared by 4: € 550/person, shared by 3: € 625/person, shared by 2: € 750/person
  • Jaima: shared by 4: € 400/person, shared by 3: € 450/person, shared by 2: € 500/person
  • Tipi: shared by 2: € 400/person, single: € 500/person
  • (Cabin: single: € 600/person)
  • Tent or camper: € 450/person


Food: We offer vegetarian meal: breakfast and lunch and dinner.  Lunch can be prepared in the kitchen from 13.00 till 15.00.  Please notify us of your intolerances/ allergies or other wishes.



  • Friday 12 May: Arrival and settling in, 18.00 Opening Ceremony, 18.30 Tai Chi Qigong, 19.30 dinner
  • Saturday 13 May: 08.00 Tai Chi Qigong, 09.30 breakfast, 18.00 intro Maya astrology, 19.30 dinner
  • Sunsday 14 May: 08.00  Laughing meditation, Meridian stretches and Do In selfmassage, 09.30 breakfast, 18.00 Tai Chi Qigong, 19.30 dinner
  • Monday 15 May: 08.00  Tai Chi Qigong, 09.30 breakfast, 15.00 visiting Vejer, 19.00 dinner in Vejer
  • Tuesday 16 May: 08.00  Tai Chi Qigong, 09.30 breakfast, 18.00 intro workshop Shiatsu, 19.30 dinner
  • Wednesday 17 May: 08.00  Tai Chi Qigong, 09.30 breakfast, 14.00 visit el Palomar en hike to Las Cortinas, 18.00 BBQ
  • Thursday 18 May: 08.00 Laughing meditation, Meridian stretches and Do In selfmassage, 09.30 breakfast, 18.00  Tai Chi Qigong, 19.00 Closing Ceremony, 19.30 dinner
  • Friday 19 May: Return home


Transport: Flights from The Netherlands are best from Eindhoven to Sevilla (Ryanair) or Düsseldorf to Jerez de la Frontera (Condor). We can collect you from the airport (Jerez / Sevilla / Malaga, we charge for the petrol). We advise that you rent a car per group of 3 participants at the airport to be more flexible in your movements during the week.


Reservation: your reservation is final after a down payment of € 100,- to:
Banc account: NL12TRIO0197995640
Name: JB Blij/RJ Noest


Teacher: Simone Elschot

My name is Simone Elschot.
Since 2006, I have been working mainly as a Shiatsu masseur and Tai Chi Qigong teacher.
My interests are diverse and lie in the fields of Taoism, Buddhism, Mayan astrology, Genekeys and Human Design, I Ching, Tarot, music and art.
I love sun, sea, mountains, islands and a Mediterranean climate.
In Enschede, I teach Tai Chi Qigong classes in the park all year round; surrounded by all the elements.
I have an improvisational way of teaching.

Tai Chi Qigong

The basis in this retreat consists of Tai Chi Qigong lessons.
Tai Chi Qigong is a form of meditative movement involving attention, breathing and visualisation.
The movements are mostly gentle and flowing, increasing energy, balance, flexibility and awareness.
There is a special focus on the playful series the 18 Shibashi and some beautiful 5 element forms.
I like to work with sounds/sounds but also enjoy practising together in silence.

Short laughter meditation (lying down), meridian stretches (Makko Ho) and Do In self-massage

Laughter brings you into the here and now and is a wonderful start to the day!
By doing meridian stretches, you stretch and activate the 12 main meridians in your body.
You will start to feel more energetic and supple.
In the Do In self massage, we tap and massage our bodies awake.

Introduction Shiatsu massage and a massage given by me

You will learn some fine relaxing Shiatsu techniques for the back side of the body.
We exchange in pairs.
The recipient lies on a mat and we work over clothes.
We work mainly with our thumbs and palms.
By applying pressure and stretching, energy flow in the body is stimulated.
Energy starts to flow better and blockages are resolved.

In addition, each participant can receive a Shiatsu massage from me.
There is no extra charge for this.

Inspiration Maya Tzolkin

Here I take you into the secrets of the Mayan Tzolkin calendar and your place within it.
Which birth stamp do you have and which life path and theme belong to you?
Be surprised!