What do we do at Milagro de Algar?

We organize yoga and spiritual retreats. Each retreat has a changing program, consisting of daily yoga classes, meditation and massages. Depending on the theme of the retreat week, the program will be supplemented with components such as mindfulness, tantra, female empowerment, detox and healthy nutrition, and if desired coaching or (hapto)therapy.

We only work with professionals: yoga teachers, (massage) therapists, of whom we know they work expertly and purely. Often these are people from the network we built in the 10 years that we ran the health centre Sarvata in The Netherlands.

Just like at Sarvata, our former health centre in The Netherlands, we continue our vision of working with different professionals specializing in each of these therapies, making the retreats holistic, interesting and more enriching for everyone.

If you are a yoga teacher, masseur or therapist and would like to offer us your services or otherwise make a proposal, please email us: info@milagrodealgar.es.

Outside of the retreat weeks, El Milagro de Algar is for rent for your vacation or weekend getaway, for couples, families and groups. It is possible to rent the whole house, if Bas and Rebekka are not there (they live in The Netherlands for part of the year) or one or more guest rooms. Go to the Rental page >>>>>

When there are no retreats (and during retreats, if it is part of the retreat programme) you are welcome at Milagro de Algar for:

  • Spiritual journeys with hallucinogenic substances
  • Yoga lessons
  • Intestinal cleansing
  • Holistic massage
  • Courses and coaching based on The Healing Code of Dr. A. Loyd
  • Courses and coaching aimed at transformation of your sexual energy
  • Psychological treatment
  • Haptotherapy
  • Energetic therapy (focusing among others on the chakras and the aura).

An experienced team of professionals is at your disposal to help you become healthier in mind, spirit and body.

What do we want to give you?

Peace and quiet. We live here in peace and quiet, in this house we feel peaceful. We want to share this with you. We will help you in every way we can to find peace, in part through our natural space, which already invites you to delve into your inner self, to be aware and to feel. But also by offering you the possibility to participate in our yoga vacations and retreat weeks, with activities and therapies that aim to get you in touch with yourself and facilitate reflection. All this is carried out by professionals who have an eye for what you need and will take care of your needs to the best of their ability.

We also want to pass on what we have learned in our lives, and during the founding and running of our former health centre Sarvata. Namely, that life is about getting in touch with who you really are, healing yourself, and contributing to the world from there, namely you and your qualities. And that life is about connecting, sharing with each other and exchanging, and thus increasing the light and love in the world. El Milagro de Algar is our contribution to this.

We want to make you vibrate in a high frequency, in that state that confronts you with yourself and with the truth that is hidden in your heart, so that you find your truth, as well as unity, with respect for others and their processes, for nature, for your environment, for all the living beings that we have come to meet in this world in this unique moment.